Our Underworld

Here we are! We can now create, ANY character we want, HERE. This place was meant to have a story, and that story, only Them can define it! This can be a tugh game, like it can be your imagination from the begining to the end.
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The Great Theerius

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PostSubject: Neatherworld   Wed Aug 29, 2007 8:29 pm

Please, send me some description of places that you would like to add into this realm. Like the Alla Xul Tower, we should brainstorm about it together. Sorry for re-introducint the neatherworld but i had to retouch the storyline so it could follow.

I liked the idea of a broken city but i guess we are stuck to have a storyline to be sure that things will fit in.

Im counting on you to create some regions among the neatherworld. Lets make it real dark and real out of colours, as if it was death since billion of years you know. Not just rotten but totally back to sands!

Cursed out of no more wind, no more stuff... oh and let the door be easy to access, the only thing is that it wont be possible to live in that world unless your a chaotic, undead, demon or ready to get cursed for the rest of your existance.

Oh, btw, you have to be chaotic as your main race, although you where born under god parents, you got cursed by the demons (They curse without having to show up eh, very very powerfull beings in the neatherworld)

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