Our Underworld

Here we are! We can now create, ANY character we want, HERE. This place was meant to have a story, and that story, only Them can define it! This can be a tugh game, like it can be your imagination from the begining to the end.
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 Nimgrith's Bio

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PostSubject: Nimgrith's Bio   Thu Nov 01, 2007 3:22 pm

The lone goblin Nimgrith, known as one of the finest fighters in the Midworld, raged years and years, struggling for survival in the Iluvin Forest's marsh.

Because of the many elves that lives in the forest surrounding his habitat, he never knew anything else but hatred from anyone. Elves dislike the Goblin race for its only creation. The goblin fighter Nimgrith had no choice but to fight for his stay in his so loved homeland. The humidity, the bugs and the mud where for him, the most favorable source of food and shelter. The shadows of the trees made it easier for him to live, because of the pain caused from the sunlight.

Without knowing his origins, he lived in the Iluvin Marshes since ever. He fears not, for he learned how to fight the elves with stealth and unbeareable stunting surprising Rage and berserkage. His strenght is hard to equal, althought he is part of the weakest species in therm of it, he uses the berserk spell enhanced with haste and rage as no one ever did. The mix of theese spells makes him a very versatile fighter who hits with a very mighty strenght. Hidden within the dirt and water, if anyone tempt to harm him, he will not hesitate to jump out and surprise its enemy with a deadly blow.

Many are those who where killed by his fury and very few survived. Yet he had found no friends and no love in this world witch dislike every orchish and goblin forms.

His lonelyness is his ally since ever. He is one with nature, and that, no one can take it away from him until his death.

No one dares to speak to him, for he has a very wicked character and no skills at all into social life. Charisma might be his worst point. His words always makes no sense and his gestures and smile makes him look like a devilish person, but deep within hides a very lonesome creature who never learned to live in aquintance with people.

He never even saw an orc now one of his own kind for his forest is populated by elves and they would never let such beast enter their sacred lands.

Elves tried to kill him many times but in vain. They could just fail facing the speed and swiftyness of such a dangerous creature who can hit back at any time. Many are scared to enter the marsh for they know it is his territory.

Nimgrith the Goblin was always hated and never loved. Nobody ever tried to speak to him nor got close to him enough to enter a conversation. Those who tried couldnt stang his wicked smile and the treaterous look in his eyes while they judged from his outside that he was hyppociritical. That perception of himself made them flee in fear, although never even an elve survived his appearance because of his past experiences.

He now believe that the elven race is his worst enemy and would not spare one's life if it ever comes in his territory without hiding carefully.

Nimgrith, the greatest goblin fighter doesnt have a job or nor requires any sort of payment for he is his own master...
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Nimgrith's Bio
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