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Here we are! We can now create, ANY character we want, HERE. This place was meant to have a story, and that story, only Them can define it! This can be a tugh game, like it can be your imagination from the begining to the end.
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 General Kratos History

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General Kratos


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PostSubject: General Kratos History   Wed Oct 10, 2007 8:52 pm

In a small village a boy was born on the night of the blood moon. Black clouds stretched over the sky like giant ships sailing the ocean. A woman's cries pierced the silent night air. In a hut a woman lay panting and sweating with several mid-wifes surounding her. They were pampering her, supporting her. The importance of this child being born, and the comfort of his mother was the up most importance. Then with one final agonizing push she felt a sudden relief. The boy's cries broke the chaotic noise of the mother's whimpering and the frantic jabbering of the mid wife's. There in all it's glory was the son of Herophina. She took the boy into her arms and lightly kissed is gleaming forehead.
"Kratos my son. You are my gift to the world."
Kratos looked up at her with a smile only a mother could truly love. Herophina gently caressed his cheek and gave him another kiss on the forehead. Then her eyes met with his, with a smile Herophina new that her child had greatness within with him. In those big blue eyes Herophina saw such strength, and compassion in her son. Then quickly distracted by his own two hands and ten little fingers, Kratos began to play. Herophina just smiled and whispered to him.
"All of natures wonders, and powers could not compete with my love for you my son." Herophina looked down on him with such passion, and care. Then one of the mid-wifes came over and slowly put her hands out and Herophina looked up with a smile of great trust and gently slipped her son into the mid-wifes hands.
"We will get him cleaned up for you my lady." The Mid-wife adjusted the blanket to make sure he was warm and comfortable, then brought her eyes up to look at Herophina and gave her a reassuring smile as she took Kratos away.
The villagers caught wind of the arrival of the new born child of Heroohina, and decided a celebration was in order. A giant bomb fire roared in the middle of the village illuminating the night sky while orange shadows danced on the face of the mountain. The deep rhythmic pounding of the drums echoed far into the night air. Half naked bodies gleamed from the light of the fire, as they danced in an almost hypnotic, and animalistic trance. Some villagers even celebrated by expressing their love and passion for one and other. Others just simply sat around enjoying a good drink and conversation and sharing some laughs together.
The people in the Rohane village are compassionate and peaceful. They strive for hard work, but also strive to play hard. They do everything with perfection. Right down to the most simpilist things like pouring tea. They worked and lived in harmony following the perfection of nature. When the children become of age both girls and boys. The elders tattoo them with a form of tribal representing an element of the earth. An ancient form of tribal tattooing, and as they grow the number of tattoos increase.
Their tattoos flowed to the contures of their bodies, and were all connected representing the harmony and connection of nature.

~Kratos's village is located high in the mountains.

As Kratos grew he felt such a sense of harmony with his surroundings. Through the trees, the animals, and especially the wind. He did not question these new sensations he was experiencing. For he feared that maybe something could be wrong. Maybe the villagers would discover his differences and cast him out. Ban him from his mother. Just the thought made Kratos' stomach knot up, and his heart race. His senses seemed kein to the sounds of nature.

Kratos began to realize he had uncanny strength, speed and agility. His instinct was cunning and precise. He was the guardian of the village, and he protected them with honor. he new deep within his heart that one day he would leave the village and set out to become the greatess knight the Gods have ever seen.

One night the village would bare witness to the carnage of Alla Xul. Lord Alla Xul spoke of this young man who was born without a father, and he wanted Kratos to lead his Necro Army to conquer and devour the souls of mortals To increase his power.

Necro Ninjas entered the village with pure silence, the only sounds of the crickets hypnotic tunes were heard through out the night. Kratos lay in his bed beside Serenity, only to be disturbed by the sense of evil approaching. He quickly jumped up and ran out only to be face to face with a Necro Ninja.

Kratos held his own against these dark soldiers. With every blow of Kratos you could here the bones of the ninjas break with a blood curdeling crunch. He had to protect the village, his mother, and his true love. Kratos blow for blow gave the Ninjas one hell of fight.

As Kratos stood over a fallen ninja, he looked up to only to see Lord Alla Xul posses his mother and Serenity. As Kratos was distracted a Necro Ninja came from behind and struck him with a paralyzing blow to the back of the neck. Kratos dropped to his knees and looked up to the image of his worst nightmare.

Kratos looked around to see his village in flames, the people were captured and takin away into the shadows. Their screams could be heard in the heavens. Their souls now belonged to Lord Alla Xul, Kratos's mother and lover will soon join them. Kratos watched in horror has his mother's flesh was wripped from her body and thrown to the black wolves. His cries shooked the earth. Alla Xul then turned to Kratos and demanded he lead his Necro Army. Kratos refused, but realized Serenity still captured by Alla Xul, he then quickly changed his mind.
"NO KRATOS!" Serenity yelled. Her heart was broken. Her tears like little diamnonds fell to the earth, Kratos could feel her pain in his heart. Her soul was broken. The Necro Ninjas came and took Serenity into the Darkness and Kratos watched in horror as they pulled her into the depths of the black abyss. Her hand extended reaching out, Kratos quickly jumped up and ran towards her. "SERENITYYYYY!" But it was too late. Kratos heard a faint whisper.

"We will be together again, do not loose our love Kratos. Hold on to it to keep your heart pure."

Kratos closed his eyes and he could feel Serenity within him.
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General Kratos History
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