Our Underworld

Here we are! We can now create, ANY character we want, HERE. This place was meant to have a story, and that story, only Them can define it! This can be a tugh game, like it can be your imagination from the begining to the end.
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 The Races.

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The Great Theerius

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PostSubject: The Races.   Wed Oct 10, 2007 9:07 am

Among the worlds, there are creatures of many kind. They have names.

In the neatherworld, creatures are most of the time summoned or where cursed, only the demons where born from within this world, wich are not found easily;

-Chaotics- (Light gray skinned human beings, cursed by the demons on their arrival in the netherworld. They can also be found in the midworld but in a very few number compared to the amount there is in the neatherworld. Very skilled dark magic users, mostly warriors, knights, ninjas, necrophans, necromancers and sorcerers.)

-Undeads- (Bodies that had been revived by necromancy. Necromancers forced a corrupted soul to possess any flesh or/and bone material. Usually very hungry for flesh and very thirsty for blood. Can only be minions, knights, warrior or fighters with no particular magical attributes, athough they can use physical skills and be very strenghtfull. Many have fled their masters but very numberous have been raised...)

-Demons- (Their aspect can be very different but they all look like fearsome beasts. They dont show up easily and are very rarely seen. Scary and very ravaging, they are hidden most of the time. Some have escaped to the midworld but are hiding and plotting deep within their getaway. Gods will attack any demons if they come to be seen aswell as any demon would attack any god without hesitation.)

Now taking place the midworld species;

-Humans- (They where created by the gods, but easily get corrupted by hatred and other darkness forces. Those are weak but have a strong ability to learn and to be brave. Their intelligence and strenght can vary alot. They can be using very various skills depending on their experiences.)

-Elves- (They where created by the gods, with the appearance of the gods and the same immortality as the gods. Their soul although is not pure enough to equal the ones that the gods have within their flesh. The elves are swifty light creatures, mostly very intelligent and in harmony with the elements. They are more usually found as archers and sorcerers. Very few uses their strenght as warrior and other simmilarities. Very good marksman, they sumtimes leak in bravery because of their love for life.)

-Orcs- (They where created from torture. Long ago where elves, but after many years of torture, they became ruthless creatures with no fear from any kind of pain. Most of them are very self minded and leaks in intelligence. They cannot use magic because of their rage that doesnt allow them to think freely. Usually very good blacksmith and warriors, they hate the water and worship their master without much loyalty most of the time. They live among tribes, few escaped the hatred with ages)

-Halflings- (They where born under an elven and a human parent. They are often expelled from the elvens for being mortal. They actually are very versatile and can use their strenght and magical powers aswell. Most of Paladins are Halflings because of their ease to enhance magic and strenght very easily. They can also live very old although they can die with ages.)

-Goblins- (They where created from halflings that where hiding in the darkness for too long. Being repulsed by their parents most of the time, halflings that got carried away by anger and hatred, hid in the caves and began to get consumed by darkness with time. They are very swifty and can be good warriors, marksmans and sorcerers. Never a goblin was found to be cured from its hatred. Those beast are cursed to feed from darkness for the rest of their miserable life.)

-Dwarves- (Created by the gods, they are very determined creatures. Small and overwhelming with strenght, they tend to leak in intelligence. They cannot use magic because of their overwhelming pride into their strenght. They dig in the rock, use explosives and many tools. Very good craftmans, they can make inventions aswell as being very skillfull blacksmiths. Most of them will be warriors and fighters. None will ever use any other transport than their feet or tools. They tend to hate animals and elves.)

-To be continued. *sorry but i need some thinking and sleeping, thanx*
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The Races.
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