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Here we are! We can now create, ANY character we want, HERE. This place was meant to have a story, and that story, only Them can define it! This can be a tugh game, like it can be your imagination from the begining to the end.
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 The neatherworld's rules.

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PostSubject: The neatherworld's rules.   Wed Oct 10, 2007 8:04 am

I've did sum modifications on the neatherworld so it can conchord with the storyline.

I've thought of making it being a complete world. That way, we can post many regions into it. I also decided to keep the Alla Xul tower section, meaning that the tower is extremly high and that it can be seen from very very very very very far.

I'm sorry if there had been alot of changes. I couldnt put elements since it is the dark world and that it has no particular history but to be the home of the demons themselves (A bit like hell). Only element to be found is the darkness in its every form. I will include sum informations about the rules of the neatherworld aswell.

No elemental magic can be used, not heat, water or wind can be found, only darkness.

It is forbidden to use FIRE, ICE, WATER, WIND, LIGHT and PLANT spells or abillities (Unless you wanna make a try that will actually show that it is impossible).

The spells and abillities that are possible to use in the neatherworld are;

Please, use your imagination.

I can give you some tips here but you can create on your own aswell.
(Melting in the shadow to teleport oneself)
(Transform into a black cloud to travel)
(Sandstorming, Sandspears, physical earth damage use)
(Raising undeads, skeletons or wicked flesh and bone creatures)
(Physical shields, Strenght raising, Speed raising, etc...)
(Dark Magic shields, Levitation, as long as no skill that you use there is enhanced with any element, such as flying using the wind or stuff like that)

-It took me awhile to put that up, so i hope you will appreciate.-
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The neatherworld's rules.
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